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The results obtained from a necropsy are directly related to the condition of the cadaver when received. Badly decomposed bodies yield little diagnostic data. Taking steps to ensure refrigeration of the body as soon as possible after death will go a long way in preserving its diagnostic value. Insulated shipping containers are a must for small animals. Animals too large to fit in an insulated container (some very large ice chests are available) should be surrounded and covered with bags of ice and covered with a plastic tarp before hauling. This is critical for large animals such as horses and cattle and animals with thick insulating fleeces or body fat (swine). A four-hour trip to the diagnostic lab in the heat of the summer months is too long without some attempt at cooling the carcass.

We do not recommend freezing cadavers as this induces significant tissue artifact and hinders histologic examination. However, a frozen cadaver is better than a decomposed one if there are no other options available for cooling.
There are several options for shipping bodies to the laboratory. See the Shipping Section for details.

Our interpretation of necropsy findings is highly dependent on receiving a complete history of the case. The history should be a concise distillation of the relevant history, clinical laboratory, management, and signalment by someone directly knowledgeable about the case.

Results are usually available within 7-10 working days. Some testing may take longer, in which case you will receive preliminary reports with diagnostic findings to date followed by a final report when all work has been completed.

Necropsy fees include gross evaluation, routine histopathology, basic microbiology, and disposal. Additional fees may be charged for more complex microbiological and toxicological testing including any testing referred to outside laboratories.

  • Special necropsy procedures such as spinal cord removal, insurance cases and possible litigation cases will require additional fees as indicated. Cosmetic necropsy is not performed.
  • Save body request is available for necropsy submissions. "Save Body" must be checked on the submission form.  Remains will only be released to the cremation company specified by the submitter. 
  • Animals testing negative for rabies may be released to a private cremation service once all testing results are known.
  • Due to public health concerns, all tissues and remains of cases positive for rabies virus or other diseases of major public health concern cannot be released for private cremation.
Test Description Test # Price Specimen Preferred Turnaround Time
Small Animal Necropsy
(Avian, Rodents, puppies/kittens <6weeks)
N103 $285.00 Cadaver - whole, partial 10 working days
Canine, Feline Necropsy N104 $400.00 Cadaver - whole, partial 10 working days
Domestic Livestock, Under 100 lbs N109 $250.00 Cadaver - whole, partial 10 working days
Domestic Livestock, 100 to 500 lbs N110 $350.00 Cadaver - whole, partial 10 working days
Domestic Livestock, Over 500 lbs N111 $450.00 Cadaver - whole, partial 10 working days
Exotic & Wildlife  N113 $450.00 Cadaver - whole, partial 10 working days
Horse, Less Than 200 lbs N106 $430.00 Cadaver - whole, partial 10 working days
Horse, 200 lbs - 500 lbs N107 $700.00 Cadaver - whole, partial 10 working days
Horse, Over 500 lbs N108 $1000.00 Cadaver - whole, partial 10 working days
Abortion Large Animal N101 $250.00 Fetus and placenta 10 working days
Abortion Small Animal N102 $200.00 Fetus and placenta 10 working days
Additional Fees Test # Price    
Brain Removal - Small Animal N119 $29.00 (Rabies carcass disposal fee $15)  
Brain Removal - Large Animal N120 $50.00  
Spinal Cord Removal, Equine N117 $185.00    
Spinal Cord Removal, Small Animal N118 $145.00    
Equine Cremation (>500 Pounds Only) N121 $1,200.00 (Owner provides receptacle for ashes, one 5 gal/500lbs)  
Insurance Surcharge N115 $270.00    
Save Body Request N105 $29.00    
Litigation Documentation
Processing Fee
A035 $150.00    

Submission Form and User Guide or call us (520) 621-2356 to receive a copy via e-mail or fax.

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Published pricing revised February 2023.  Price and turnaround time are subject to change at any time