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We Rely on Your Support

As a service unit of the Office of Research, Innovation and Impact (RII) of the University of Arizona, the AZVDL relies on people like you to fulfill our mission of providing accurate and timely diagnostic assistance in animal health to veterinarians, animal owners, university researchers, and state and federal agencies. 
Philanthropic support allows us to not only provide cost-effective veterinary laboratory services, but it also strengthens our ability to conduct surveillance for emerging and foreign animal diseases, thus protecting Arizona's livestock.  The AZVDL also provides rapid response and investigation of a suspected significant livestock disease occurring within Arizona and collaborates with the Arizona Livestock Incident Response Team should a disease incursion occur or be suspected.  More broadly, the AZVDL protects you and your pets through our pathologist's diagnosing cancer and infectious diseases as well as monitoring animal populations for diseases shared by animals to humans, including rabies and Valley Fever.  Among our diagnostic portfolio we provide blood testing for Equine Infectious Anemia needed for a veterinary health certificate to take an equine out of the state and to control the disease in Arizona.

Support AZVDL

Please consider donating to the AZVDL and be reassured that your contribution will help protect you, your animals and the livestock businesses that keep Arizona economy strong.
If you wish to submit a secure ONLINE gift, please designate your gift to "AZ Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory"
Gift by check can be mailed to: AZ Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, 2831 N. Freeway Tucson AZ 85705
(please make check payable to "UA Foundation - AZ Veterinary Diagnostic Lab"

For more information about giving to AZVDL, please email Darcy Kennedy (