Now offering Leptospirosis MAT
  • Send ≥1 ml of serum per test or ≥3 ml blood.
  • Send serum only whenever possible. The submission of whole blood, even in separator tubes, often results in hemolysis and interference with some of the tests.
  • Identify the tubes properly, making sure there are matching animal IDs on the submission form and the tubes. Ship sera in racks or cardboard boxes with dividers.
  • Submit acute and convalescent sera together in cases where paired sample serology is needed.


*Equine Infectious Anemia:

STAT Service for EIA (ELISA) is available Monday to Friday for an additional $30 per animal tested.

  • Please submit a separate submission form for animal samples that require STAT service. 
  • Samples must be submitted before 2:00P.M. for same day results.

For EIA tests submitted through Global Vet Link, a $0.85 fee will be added per sample.


Test Description Test # price Specimen Preferred Turnaround Time

Brucellosis Card Test Federal Form Required

Brucellosis instructions

S136 $5.50 Serum (≥1 ml) 1-2 working days
Coccidioides SP (IgM/IgG) screen with Titer S127 $38.00 Serum (≥1 ml) 3-4 working days

          We no longer offer separate testing for Coccidioides screen or titer.  
All samples will be run with the screening test and only positive samples will be further titrated with titration kit.

Equine Infectious Anemia (ELISA)
Federal Form Required

*STAT EIA: must submit before 2:00pm
for same day results (addl $30 fee)





Serum(≥1 ml)


1-3 Working Days
(Run: Mon, Wed, Fri)

Monday to Friday

Leptospira spp - 6 serovars (MAT)
(pomona, ictero, canicola, grippotyphosa, hardjo, bratislava)
S114 $28.00 Serum(≥1 ml) 2-3 working days
Individual Leptospira serovars also available  $6.00ea Serum(≥1 ml) 2-3 working days
Small Ruminant Lentivirus (CAE/OPP) cELISA S123 $9.00 Serum(≥1 ml) 2-3 working days

 FA Tests listed under Virology section

*Tests not listed will be forwarded to a referral laboratory for testing. $35.00 S&H will be added to the outside laboratory price.

Submission Form and User Guide or call us (520) 621-2356 to receive a copy via e-mail or fax.

Published pricing revised May 2023. Price and turnaround time are subject to change at any time