Policies and Procedures


  1. Fees are subject to change without notice.

  2. $10.00 minimum submission fee.
$35.00 shipping and handling fee will be assessed for shipping specimens to referral laboratories.

  4. Results can be reported by mail, fax, or e-mail.

  5. Toxicology and nutritional testing are referred to outside laboratories.  Please call the AzVDL laboratory for pricing and test availability.

Billing (Policy and Procedure)

Upon completion and reporting of final report invoices are generated. Samples referred to outside laboratories are billed for any additional direct costs incurred plus a $35.00 shipping and handling fee (courier service charge may also apply).

NOTE: Owners submitting specimens must prepay for services. Case results cannot be released until payment is received.

At the end of each month, AzVDL billing personnel prepare statements listing all invoices not paid by the last day of the previous month for all clients with a balance due. The invoice/statement is a combined report that includes case#, owner, all tests performed for each case and invoice number. The AZVDL no longer mail individual invoices. Please contact the laboratory via email at RII-AZVDL@ag.arizona.edu  or call (520) 621-2356 and make special arrangements if individual invoices still needed.


Payment is due upon presentation of statement. Payment in the form of cash, check, or credit card is accepted.
The University of Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Policy on client confidentiality

  1. Information pertaining to client submissions, whether in the form of written, printed, electronic, or faxed documents, or verbal communication, will not be given to any non-laboratory personnel other than the submitting veterinarian, or the owner.
  2. Exceptions to this are as follows:
  • To fulfill governmental mandates
  • In the case of warrant, subpoena, or other court order
  • In the case of lawful public records request under Arizona’s Public Records Law
  • With written authorization from the owner or submitting veterinarian

Referral Laboratories

Tests not performed at AzVDL are forwarded to an AAVLD accredited laboratory whenever possible. A $29.00 shipping and handling fee is assessed. The specimen is shipped overnight to the referral laboratory and the results are reported in our laboratory system. Turnaround time is determined by the referral laboratory and fees are subject to change.

Subcontracted work

In the event of extenuating circumstances, tests normally performed by the AzVDL may be shipped to another accredited laboratory. A list of accredited laboratories used by AzVDL is available upon request.

Reporting Test Results

If multiple tests are requested and the results entered at different times, the diagnostician will produce an intermediate report containing all results received to date. Intermediate reports are faxed and/or e-mailed to the submitter if a fax number and/or e-mail address is provided.

When test results are completed a report titled “Final Report” will be produced and the report is faxed and/or e-mailed to the client if a fax number or e-mail address is provided. Phone report is available to clients with no fax and/or e-mail service. The original report will be mailed to the client with an invoice for services rendered.

Suggested turnaround times for all tests are listed in the test schedule. These times are estimates only and may be affected by the number of samples, laboratory workload, staffing, and availability of reagents and supplies.

Reports are sent directly to the veterinarian submitting the specimen if the veterinarian is responsible for the charges. However, it is laboratory policy that test results will be reported to the owner if we are requested to bill the owner directly (a copy of the report is sent to the veterinarian if requested by the owner).

Requests for second opinion

When calling to request slides to be sent out to another laboratory for a second opinion please have ready the AzVDL accession number of the case in question and the address where the slides are to be sent. We will produce duplicate slides for this process. You will be charged $16.50 per duplicate E slide plus shipping charges. The reviewing laboratory will charge you separately for their services.

The AzVDL provides second opinions on histopathology and cytology performed at other laboratories. Please have the laboratory send a complete set of duplicate H&E stained slides or cytology slides for the case. In many instances it proves helpful to perform special stains or immunohistochemistry to aid in the diagnosis.

Ask the laboratory to forward the paraffin blocks to us for this purpose. We will return the unused portions of the blocks after our testing is completed. Some laboratories are reluctant to send off the blocks and instead may suggest sending unstained slides. This is less than ideal, but acceptable. Ask that a minimum of three unstained slides from each block be sent along with the H&E specimens. Fax or mail us a completed submission form for the second opinion and indicate where the slides are being sent from and approximately when to expect them. We will bill you for this service. You will likely be charged by the sending laboratory for the cost of producing the slides and shipping.

Policy on overdue accounts

Accounts past due over 30 days will be assessed a finance charge of 1.5%, or a minimum of $3.00, of the past due balance. Collection notice are mailed to submitter with past due statement.

Accounts greater than 90 days past due will be referred to a collection agency. You will be responsible for collection costs, your balance will increase by 33 1/3% and your account will be reported to the Credit Bureau.

Dishonored checks will be assessed a $25.00 service charge. A dishonored check is a check payment returned by the bank to The University of Arizona, unpaid, for any reason. The University will notify you in writing of a Dishonored Check. You have fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice to pay the total amount due. Until paid in full, you will be assessed a monthly Past Due Balance Charge. Unpaid dishonored checks may be referred to a Collection Agency. If it is deemed necessary to refer the account to an Agency, the debtor (account holder) will be responsible for all collection costs and legal fees. Per Arizona Revised Statute (ARS 12-671), you may be assessed twice the amount of the check or $50.00, whichever is greater, in addition to the $25.00 Service Charge. All payments for dishonored checks must be made to the Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Only payments made by Money Order, Cashier’s Check, or Cash will be accepted. Cash payments must be made in person at the Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory. Questions regarding your account can be directed to the Accounts Receivable department.