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Accredited for all species by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians


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Veterinarians, researchers and government agencies around the state rely on AZVDL for timely and accurate test results when caring for pets, wild animals, livestock, zoo animals and more. We specialize in microbiology, cytology, histopathology, molecular diagnostics, and necropsy.

The Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is a part of the Office for Research, Innovation and Impact at the University of Arizona.

The AZVDL is accredited for all species by the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians and is a member of the United States Department of Agriculture's National Animal Health Laboratory Network (NAHLN).





Our team of dedicated professionals provides accurate and timely diagnostic service in animal health to veterinarians, animal owners, university researchers, and state and federal agencies.  The laboratory serves a diverse client base with submissions of wild animals, exotic zoo animals, pet animals, horses and food producing animals.

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looking under a microscope



Molecular Diagnostics

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Thank you for selecting Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory to serve your diagnostic needs. A fillable submission form and a printable user guide are available for your convenience. Please complete the fillable submission form, print and submit it with your sample or email submission to azvdl@ag.arizona.edu

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“The University of Arizona Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has been an integral part of our team for decades. Knowing our pathologist is available for consultation and welcomes feedback is invaluable. On countless occasions they have called to either have us expand on the history or to follow up on the case as to outcome. They are always helpful in recommending ancillary diagnostics that are indicated. We have 100% confidence in the results provided and consider the lab essential to our success."
Dr. Mary Klein

Join us at the Festival of Books

Have you even been curious to know what exactly our lab does and the impact it has on veterinary medicine?
Stop by our booth at the Festival of Books for a few hands-on activities and meet some of our laboratory staff. Our booth will be set up in the science city section. The Festival of Books is a tradition of the University of Arizona, located on the "mall area" of main campus; will be held March 4th and 5th.