Test Description Test # Price Specimen Preferred Turnaround Time
External Parasite Identification
(Performed at UA dept of Entomology)
P108 $23.00 Refrigerate unfixed or 70% alcohol-fixed parasite  
Internal Parasite Identification     (Call the Laboratory)  
Fecal Flotation Qualitative P104 $21.00 3-6 grams fresh, refrigerated feces 1-2 working days

Quantitative Fecal Egg Count

(Temporarily a sendout test)

* *

3-6 grams fresh, refrigerated feces

(To be forwarded to TVMDL $25 + Shipping Fee)

1-2 working days
Skin Scraping, Maceration P105 $19.00 Skin scrapings from the edge of a lesion 1-2 working days
Wet Mount P107 $22.00 Feces, fluid 1 working day

*Parasitology tests not listed are forwarded to a referral laboratory for testing. Turnaround time is determined by the referral laboratory and prices are subject to change. $35.00 shipping and handling fee will be added to the test price.


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