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QUAILITY MANUAL                                     NEWSLETTER 2014



We have implemented new antibiotic sensitivity testing (AST) panels for companion animals. Our new panels  encompass a broader spectrum of drugs without increasing client costs. We now select one of two panels to test a bacteria based on the organism’s Gram Stain profile.


Tritrichomonas foetus causes serious reproductive failure in cattle.  Asymptomatic carrier bulls are the reservoir of infection, and removal of positive animals from herds is the primary method of disease control.  Infected animals are identified by testing culture media inoculated with preputial smegma for the presence of the organism. Most commonly, samples are inoculated into InPouchTM TF test kits (BIOMED, White City, OR). Incubated media is  examined microscopically or by PCR to detect T. foetus organisms.  The same manufacturer has released TF Transit TubesTM which are much more user friendly for both veterinarians and lab technicians. However, they are for only testing via PCR.   Published experiments have demonstrated the importance of proper sample collection, processing and handling to ensure reliable detection of the organism. Storage and transport temperature greatly affects the organism’s ability to survive, and Arizona’s extreme summer temperatures must be considered when collecting and shipping samples.  Temperatures exceeding 37oC (98.6oF) are detrimental and/or lethal to the   organism. Veterinarians should have a cooler with ice packs available at the collection site, and samples should be shipped overnight on ice within 48 h of collection.  Prior to shipment, interim samples should be kept            refrigerated.  Ice packs do not last for more than 24 h in the Arizona heat; 2 day or regular mail delivery does not accommodate sample quality. Use these guidelines for both culture and PCR test requests.

Prices update:

Equine Infectious Anemia Elisa is now only $12.501-2 turnaround time (STAT service same day results available $30 per animal tested)

Theres is discount break on Tritrichomas Foetus RT PCR depending on quantity

1 - 4   samples   $40.00

5 - 9   samples   $35.00

10-19 samples   $25.00

20 or more          $20.00

As a result of the cost analysis, the AzVDL fees increased for most individual tests by 5%.  A larger increase applied for select tests where direct costs were not being sufficiently recovered.  Increase effective May 15, 2018

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